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I/we confirm that the information provided in the mortgage application form to Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team (JJMT) is true and correct, and I/we understand that it is being used to determine my/our credit worthiness. I/we authorize JJMT to obtain any information required relative to this application from any sources to which may apply and each such source is hereby authorized to provide JJMT with such information. JJMT is furthermore authorized to disclose, in response to direct inquiries from any other lender or credit bureau, such information on my loaning account as JJMT considers appropriate, and I/we agree to indemnify JJMT against and save JJMT harm from any and all claims in damages or otherwise arising from such disclosure on JJMT's part. JJMT is authorized to pull my/our credit bureau for the process of a mortgage application.

In agreement with the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act (“Privacy Act”) I/we acknowledge and confirm that personal information gathered will be retained by JJMT and may/will be utilized:

  • to include the use of remitting information to appropriate lenders, for the purpose of obtaining financing on my/our behalf.
  • to include corresponding by email and maintaining my/our email address on file.
  • to include the possibility of future correspondence via letter, email, or fax for marketing purposes regarding mortgage products, on my/our behalf.

I/we acknowledge that JJMT may be paid a referral fee from the mortgage lender for placement of this mortgage.

Click the box to indicate your acceptance of the above terms. This acceptance has the same legal effect as a hand written signature.

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