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The Social Media Club, care to join?
by Jessi Johnson

There is a new wave of communication powering through the world, some call this web 2.0 while others call it the not so secret social media club. Membership has no limitations and the possibilities are endless. The second generation of this thing we call the World Wide Web (www) is cruising at full speed and I suggest you join the ride. Some fear social media while others embrace its greatness and enjoy the benefits. Depending on the individual will dictate the use. Some fancy easy communication with friends, picture sharing and an opportunity to showcase their podcast creations. Others enjoy reading countless blogs and absorbing the fascinating opinions of today’s Web 2.0 authors. I, on the other hand, use this powerful tool to “stay on the radar” with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether it is for personal or business use, social media is an outstanding way to keep in contact. Especially for someone like me who works ridiculous hours and picking up the phone to touch base isn’t as easy as one would think.

Let’s play a game; what social media site has over 6 times of population of Canada for members with the average age being over 50? Please tell me you are one of the over 200 million members who have a Facebook account! Did you know that many promoters these days choose Facebook over every other form of marketing for their events? Those countless event invitations may be annoying but they are also a beautiful thing when you are trying to promote your networking event or seminar. Facebook first grow in popularity when old classmates desired to look up their friends online. Suddenly keeping tabs on friends was much easier, especially through the simplicity of sharing pictures and video. Facebook status updates soon evolved into a concept called Tweeting. An entire website was created so in 140 characters or less you could update your network as to what you are doing, where you are going and your thoughts. This website is called Twitter is essentially the epitome texting to the masses. Share links and thoughts on what’s currently going on in your mind. You will find your opinionated sentences fall into the casual conversation category which can be a refreshing break from a busy day.

There are many social media sites in this sea of cost-free communication; it’s what you do with them that counts. If you ask me, Tumblr is the next big thing. Without the blogging limitations of Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr is the next wave of personalized blogging and establishing your own personality online. Easily start communiqué with this blog based website through sharing an article, picture or video. If you are too cool for Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr than at least give Linked In a chance. This social media site is specifically for networking and caters to the professional adult crowd. I will give you a suggestion; it works well for recruiting new staff!

Social media sites may appear as a trend but I assure you this fashion won’t get away anytime soon. Stay connected with your network through social media and be heard!