Vancouver Mortgage broker Jessi Johnson may become a reality-TV star

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Mortgage broker Jessi Johnson may become a reality-TV star

by Charlie Smith

Jessi Johnson is coming to your living room.

Maybe it’s the hair. Or the fact that he can talk intelligently about interest rates. Or that he’ll make himself available on a moment’s notice for an interview.

Whatever the reason, Vancouver mortgage broker Jessi Johnson has been selected to appear on a new reality series about finances. He’s not giving away any details about the show, except to say it will hit “North American television” in 2012. And he’s pretty thrilled about it.

Jessi won’t even tell us who’s behind it. Is it the Donald? He has a thing for hairstyles, you know. How about Mark Burnett? A third big fish in the reality-TV world is Pilgrim Films & Television, which relies heavily on Whitecap Alpine Adventures owner Lars Andrews. When he’s not running his B.C. ski lodge, Andrews is the coordinating producer of the Emmy-winning Out of the Wild.

Here’s one thing you can bet on: Jessi won’t be appearing on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. Gary Busey and Dennis Rodman can relax—they don’t have to worry about being upstaged by a local mortgage broker.

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