Jessi’s Mortgage Rate Special – Nov 23, 2019

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Are you interested in a mortgage rate special?

I just wanted to quickly reach out and share that we are able to access some pretty low mortgage rate specials right now.  5-year fixed rates start at 2.44% & 5-year variable rates start at prime –1.25%Remember to be very careful with online mortgage rates specials, many come with un-welcomed surprises. This applies to all purchases, refinances or renewals that are “insurable”.

Fixed rates start at 2.69% after this promotional period.

Aside from that, the market has been slowly picking up since summer so I do expect things to be busier this winter than usual. However, what do we cam “usual” anymore? The past two winters have been very busy when traditionally it would be dead. Springs have not only been very quiet but on a downward spiral the past few years so who knows what will happen in 2020.
Will Trump’s impeachment help or hurt markets? His continued trade wars with China will continue to have an impact. How about the long-overdue recession coming during a time that baby-boomers are retiring and Canada/US is at record levels of debt. 2020 will certainly be a year to remember!
On a personal note, my girlfriend Yuliya and I are on a mission to live our lives as best that we can. We cut out drinking (99%) in summer and now are going vegan for 2020. No more meat or animal by-products! Yes, the documentaries finally got us. Follow along on my if you are interested, we plan to share the experience adding metrics for tracking purposes. We are tracking weight, body fat, fat/muscle & bone mass, etc. After 6-months, we will rescan our bodies to test for results.

Jessi & team!